QUI – fibre it is the type of ultra – microfiber developed by using advanced technology created with the purpose of removing make-up and maintain healthy skin. Qui – fibre is formed by coupling the appropriate ratio of components of polyamide and polyester. The obtained yarn is divided into sixteen ultra- microfibers further selected by the shape, size, and combinations to receive suitable characteristics such as softness, strength, absorption and  capacity of cleaning.

Received in the process structure of the fibre is extremely thin and light where single ultra- microfiber has a thickness of about 0.13 DEN, one gramme is around 70000 meters long, and one square centimetre contains approximately 100,000 fibres. The triangular shape of polyester’s cross-section provides the highest cleaning effect. By using Nano technology in the final step, the ultimate texture of Qui Fiber is created and under the watchful eye of technologist, the product receives modern ergonomic shape.


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The final effect delivers Quiskin – the professional product for removing make-up which combined with natural resources such as water gives miracle cleaning effect. A particular advantage of Quiskin is the reduction of the amount of movements that every woman takes with traditional make up remover from 60 to 30/40, which together with the fibre characteristics such as cleaning effect, absorption and soft touch quickly and precisely removes your make up and leave your skin healthy vital and beautiful. Quiskin is alcohol and colour free and does not contain any chemical detergents that may cause allergies, therefore is an ideal product for sensitive and delicate skin also. To deliver excellent effect our product requires only clean water.
Today it is possible thanks to Quiskin – Quick & Professional Makeup Remover.