The origin of the brand Quiskin it is the result of compilation of the number of events that have taken place over several years,further supported by numerous tests, questions and developments, hard work and determination, experience and luck. The fiber technology was firstly introduced in Europe in early 2000 and was used in various fields of cosmetic industry.

At the very same time the number of consumers searching for the ecological product which will enable to remove makeup without an involvement of often irritating skin chemical factors has increased.


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In response to the market needs, the first products were developed and manufactured in Switzerland and Germany. During this time Dariusz Ozga was working with various companies on the introduction of new brands into the Polish market and that?s when the first time he came into contact with fibre technology products. Unfortunately, technological imperfection and restrictions in distribution did not allow long-term implementation of the products into the local market.  Application of microfiber technology in cosmetics market was also well known to the other founder of the brand Quiskin – Marcin Malysz, who for many years held the position of Chief Operating Officer of one of the drugstore chains and who is operating in the cosmetic industry for over eighteen years. His experience, knowledge of the market and the current global trends further supported by expertise in eco-friendly products which will permit to remove make-up without using any chemical detergents allowed to join forces with Dariusz Ozga and re-start research and testing to find the perfect product. In 2016, these tests and examinations were successful and finally managed to achieve the intended effects. With the emergence of high-tech QUI – fiber based on natural ingredients and ultra-Nano technology has resulted in the creation of Quiskin the fully professional product for removing make-up by using only natural resources such as water.

“We believe that although our products may not change the world, but definitely will improve the beauty of a woman’s skin…”
Dariusz Ozga and Marcin Malysz – the founders of the brand Quiskin.